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We work with the local, regional and national provider networks that offer quality care and service, convenient locations and reasonable cost. No matter where you are, there's a provider network that would be ideal for you.  Our provider networks have been carefully selected to serve our client's best interest.  When you utilize ULB you will receive care that you can trust - and afford.



Your Medical Provider Network


If you think changing health plans is an administrative nightmare, you'll have pleasant dreams with ULB's Team.  We will work with your administrative team to ensure that everything runs smoothly.  We take the worry and hassle out of switching benefit plans.


What will we do for you?  Essentially, whatever it takes to get you up and running with your new plan:


      *We take care of the paperwork and the administrative details

      *We handle questions from you and your membership

          (in a multiple of languages)

      *We provide on-site information session, as well as educational

          programs to keep you and your members up to date.

      *If you have specail needs, we will customize our services to 

          accommodate them.



Insurance Plans, Medical Option, etc.

  • POS (Point of Service)

  • PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)

  • HMO (Health Maintenance Organization)

  • ASO (Administrative Services Only)

  • Prescription Benefits

  • Dental

  • Optical    

  • Disability

  • Traditional indemnity plans

  • Life Insurance

  • Health & Pension Administration

  • Alternative Medicine 

  • Parttime Member Benefits

  • Stop Loss Insurance

  • Claim Cost Containment Program

  • Medical Claims Review

  • Customized Provider Network Development


We are unique in the cost containment marketplace.  Many of our competitors utilize usual and customary charges to determine a fair reimbursement, or they utilize silent PPOs in order to secure a 10-20% discount off charges that are already inflated.  We are not a aggregate of PPOs and will not contract with them in order to secure a menial discount.


We will review each line item of the claims you send us in order to identify any claims unbundling and erroneous charges on the claim. We will review the claim reimbursement methodology with the provider and identify the unbundling that was uncovered.


We are only compensated if we lower the cost of the claim and have a signed settlement agreement from the billing entity.


Our services also offer to review large medical claims that were already paid within the past year for up-coding violations and assist in recapturing money that was overcharged to the fund.  We will only get compensated after you recover the monies we discovered.




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